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Work with Happily Miles Away

We’re a young portuguese couple with a passion for travelling, photography and videography. Our major focus lies on travel photography, videography and create high quality content for brands, hotels or destination’s.

All of the images you see on this website were taken by us.Let us create highly engaging content for you that can promote your destination, service, or product. 

Email: happilymilesaway@gmail.com

Why Work With Happily Miles Away?

Professional Photography:
All photos on this travel blog are taken by us, such as landscape, corporate, drone or product. We have the necessary material, such as the Sony a7iv camera, to deliver the best possible results.
We also can leverage various platforms, from Instagram and TikTok to blogging and YouTube, to reach a broader and more diverse audience.

Authentic Content:
Visual aesthetics and storytelling are at the core of our content creation. Our high-quality content not only captures the attention of our followers but can also be leveraged for marketing and promotional materials, enhancing the overall brand image and appeal.

Diverse and Dedicated Audience:
Our blog and social media accounts have attracted a diverse and dedicated following of travel enthusiasts. From solo travelers to couples and families, our content appeals to a wide range of people who share a passion for exploration.


“Dear Margarida and Ramiro, It was a real pleasure to welcome you at the Secret de Paris – Hotel & Spa for this collaboration. We are more than satisfied with your professionalism, your creativity and your kindness. You have perfectly captured the values we stand for and the image we communicate. So we could not have hoped for better results. We would like to thank you sincerely for this beautiful work. We would be extremely pleased to welcome you back at the Secret de Paris – Hotel & Spa.” – Charlotte Jean – Community Manager Secret de Paris.

“The partnership with Maggie & Ramiro went perfectly. Their professionalism allows fluid and rapid exchanges Their content is very qualitative and they work with professional material. Happilymilesaway restores confidence in influencer partnerships” – Hadrien Vassy – Brand & Content Manager – Bateaux Mouches

“Collaborating with Ramiro and Margarida has been an exceptional experience. They are a couple who affect you with their enthusiasm and professionalism. They have been instrumental in producing splendid material for our car rental company,
enhancing the value of the company and a location like Sardinia”. Only Sardinia

“As an island wide rental car company, we get flooded with requests from content creators and are absolutely over the moon with the content that has been provided by @Happilymilesaway. They’re an absolute pleasure to work with. Both fun and professional. They’ve managed to capture perfectly the vibes and image we’ve been looking for. Somehow, they’ve managed to make our cars the centre of the image without losing the beauty of Mallorca. We’re in awe of how beautiful their work is. It’s been a lovely experience and we wish them the best of
luck in all of their future endeavours. They will always be welcome here at Vanrell rent a car.” – Tatiana Millan

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